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Here is some of our recent work:

  • letters-rag-and-bone

    Rag and Bone

    “Rag and Bone” logo lettering placed on a georgeous exposed brick wall. The solid brass oxidized letters are pin mounted to directly to the brick.

  • Carved signs in New Jersey

    Peace Dale Farm

    Carved sign gilt in 23kt gold leaf, solid cedar posts with gilt finials. This sign is carved from high density urethane which is inert to weather conditions.

  • pret-natural-food

    Pret A Manger

    Pret A Manger on red brick wall, this is a beautifully hand painted design using durable acrylic paints directly on to an exposed brick wall.

  • gold leaf lettering

    Asprey Storefront Glass

    23kt gold leafing glass gilding consisting of hand painted mirror gold and matte gold leaf with painted black background. Letters are oxidized solid brass.

  • Why use our service?

    • 30 Years of service:
      We have been serving the New York Metropolitan and New Jersey area for three decades. Royce Signworks has the experience needed to deliver the gold leaf lettering or carved signs that you envision.
    • The quality and craftsmanship of our work:
      Our work is of the highest standards in the industry. We have been producing premium gold leaf and carved signs since the 1980’s and we have harnessed and developed our own techniques.
    • Our dedication to meeting your needs:
      It is our expectation to meet every deadline, with precision and without any compromise to the quality of work that will be delivered to you.
    • Multiple substrates and media types
      Our vast experience loans itself to providing a variety of options for you to choose from. Interior and exterior carved signs and gold leaf lettering options are avaialable upon request.
  • Richard_Curasco

    carved sign with gold leaf lettering