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Gold Leaf Window Lettering can be done in various metals such as 12kt, 16kt, 18kt, 22kt, 23kt gold and silver leaf. A mirror finish can be achieved on the glass and by adding a matte finish, it creates a striking look that your customers will love and adore. Gold leaf gives an elegant look to your home or business.

Gold Leaf Gilding is often used in upscale businesses such as law firms, restaurants, boutiques and other high-end businesses. If you want to make a great first impression on potential customers then you may want to consider putting up a gold leaf window lettering on your premises.

What are gold leaf window signs?

Gold leaf window lettering simply refers to a type of gold that has been expertly pounded into very thin and fragile sheets. It is used on ceilings, statues, lamps, and signs. The installation requires a delicate process due to its fragile nature. Even though gold leaf window lettering will cost you a little extra, it guarantees value for the cost with its characteristically beautiful antique look.


How do I get gold leaf window signs?

With Royce Signworks! We offer Gold leaf window lettering signs in and around Manhattan and the Tri-State area.

Gold leaf window lettering signs are  rather delicate so you need to hire an experienced artisan like Royce Signworks so that you can get the best results and protect your investment.

Why should I get gold leaf window signs?

Gold or Silver Leaf window signs are the perfect way to get noticed. Advertising is all about the first impression and these signs are unmatched when it comes to making a statement.

If your business is an upscale establishment and you want to display your brand in such a fashion than Gold Leaf is the ticket for you!

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