Beautifully Hand Crafted Carved Signs.

Royce Sign Works is more than a sign company. We are artisans, creators of high-end Carved and Gold Leafed representations that are emblematic of the stature of your business. We help you make a lasting first impression.

Exquisite Glass Gilding

As seen in many high-end restaurants, millinery’s, tuxedo shops, exclusive clubs, and other high-end businesses who cater to the medium to upscale clientele, glass gilding is the perfect choice to represent the establishment’s stature. If you need goldleaf glass gilding for your business, start by checking out some of our work. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Premium Truck Lettering

Royce Sign Works does hand lettering and hand painting on trucks in the classic and modern methods. Contact us for an estimate and let us help you design the look on your truck.


Royce Sign Works and Ralph Rosario Graphic Designs are teaming up to bring you: Full-color digital printing services such as indoor and outdoor banners, posters, digitally printed signs and much more. We are working on a brand new on-line store serve you better. Contact: 



Royce SignWorks Pledges to our clients:

“In my entire career, which spans over thirty years, the main focus for me has been to deliver the best possible product to my clients as possible.  I have never cut corners or used any materials that might diminish the durability of the finished sign and as a result of that, my clients have enjoyed superior long-lasting signs.  I pledge to continue to deliver the best value and quality to all of my clients. Big or small.” - Richard Curasco


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